ID3 Editor

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The Story:

It all started when I built an online mp3 player. I wanted a progress bar with a waveform, like SoundCloud's. But it was hard to keep track of all those pngs, so I thought to myself that I could keep them inside the mp3 as part of the "metadata". So I read up on ID3s and built myself an ID3 parser.

But then it was clear that the tools for manipulating the metadata were insufficient. For example, in iTunes I could only add one comment and one picture. That meant the waveform picture would also be the album picture and the file icon, and that just wasn't right. So…

I started to build an online ID3 editor with more capabilites than the ones I could find. At the same time, I was getting frustrated with the fact that every time I created a new mp3 file, I had to replicate all the metadata. My mp3 player was coming to rely heavily upon it, as it's a great way to store information. One sleepless night, thinking about this problem, I had an epiphany: it made more sense to replace the audio.

So I built that into this ID3 Editor. If you produce mp3s and want to maintain things like comments and pictures and all the other metadata, especially lyrics, upload the mp3 and replace the audio.The specifications state that there are no limits to the number of pictures but the descriptions must be unique. Same with comments.

Also, I added the ability to copy metadata from one file to another. If you're always entering the same metadata, like composer and lyricist, you'll find this feature very useful.

If you find any bugs or have any enhancement requests, please email I hope you find this site to be useful.