This Site

This site is comprised of html5, css3, php5 and javascript. jQuery is used wherever possible. All code was written with either Komodo or vi, or whatever text editor was handy at the time. It conforms to responsive design, and is fitted for different screen sizes and resolutions. Resize your window to see.

The Splash Page

The splash page features a rotating cube floating over a scrolling terrain. It's meant to look like the cube is in space. Hope you saw it that way. The terrain was created using the Gimp. The cube was created in blender, then exported to three.js.

The Home Page

After clicking on the splash page, the cube stops spinning and resizes to fit inside the pagoda. The terrain fades away, and the pogoda fades in. The cube is detached from the main window and placed inside the pagoda.

The roof, walls and floor of the pagoda were created with Adobe Illustrator. The background photo was taken by me and retouched with Adobe PhotoShop. It's from the cliff at Seacliff State Park, Aptos, CA.

The Fish

The fish is a yellow tang created by my daughter, Sarah, in blender. It's supposed to look like the image on the right, but I couldn't quite get the skin right in three.js. Someday I'll make it a whole aquarium and animate the fish, too. That will need a lot of GPU power.

Ann Whittington is also just html5, css3, php5 and javascript. There are numerous back-ends to configure events, photos, etc. Sorry, those are private. The events are stored in a mySql database, and the host is linux, so this could be called LAMP.

The Gallery is all html5 and javascript. I could have used a jQuery plugin, but I opted to make it myself. It uses a double-buffer technique, because that was before I discovered requestAnimationFrame. Anyway, it's pretty smooth and slick. The back end does use jQuery, which lets you drag images around, but once again that's private.

Here it is inline:

The Jazz Society of Santa Cruz County

This site is, like most everything I've produced lately, is html5, css3, php5 and javascript. The background is created with the GD module of php, by blitting a music font onto a png file which is declared in the css. At one time I had the navigation bar, which is piano, play notes from the MIDI subsystem. But I implemented that in Java, and with all the current security, it's not worth keeping it working.


This is a very old site, but I still like it. The design is a simultated walnut in-dashboard radio, with the old-fashioned buttons.


Over the years I have designed and implemented many, many web sites. I started doing this in the early '90's, at first to share pictures from our (Unison/Tymlabs) company picnic with our people around the globe. That actually got me involved in a donnybrook about whether or not images should be allowed on the web. They did take up a lot of bandwidth, but well… You have to remember, in those days, one wasn't allowed to conduct business on the web either. My domain was first registered back then (free, BTW) but only for consultation purposes. No commerce per se.

The vast majority of those web sites are long gone. Mostly, the businesses they were built for have vanished. Funny, now videos are being streamed on the web and throughput is measured by gigabits instead of kilobits.