Noli n Nali

At Noli n Nali, I designed the product labels as well as the web site. At the right is a 3-D mockup of the flagship product, Tropical Bliss Belly Butter. I created the label in Adobe Illustrator™. The mock-up was created in blender, and exported to three.js. Click-drag it to rotate. (Sorry, only works on WebGL-enabled browsers.)

Here are some other labels:

Baby Bum Balm Bug Spray Detangler

Jazz Society of Santa Cruz County

I created several graphics for the JSSCC, including the logo. It's a blue note with a sea-green wave inside, capturing the essence of jazz in a seaside town.

I've also created bumper stickers, posters, T-Shirts and even an award for them.

award t-shirt