The ultimate ID3 metadata tool! An easy-to-use ID3 editor is teamed with a powerful search engine giving you the power to find music files and edit them too!

This is two apps in one! TagHound searches for files based on ID3 metadata, and fetches the results to TagMan, where the metadata is edited. ID3 tags are prepended to mp3 files and appended to aiff, wave, and m4a files.

But even more than that, TagTeamID3 is a swiss-army knife of functionality. It can convert files from aiff to wave, and from either of those to mp3. It can replace the audio in a file to keep the tag, which can be more complex than the audio. It can copy a tag to a file (templates are useful for universal frames) or push tags to multiple files (useful for stems).

TagTeamID3 follows the specifications on http://id3.org. For instance, id3.org allows multiple comments as long as they have unique identifiers. Also, there is multi-byte language support so the language is not limited to English.

This is a tool for both music producers and music curators. Music libraries which desire files sent as waves but didn't know waves can carry metadata need this tool. Music producers can tag the wave files with TagTeamID3 and send metadata along with the files.


TagTeam is currently on sale for $15.99 at the MacOS App Store. A Windows version is available directly from the developer.


Support is available directly from the developer. Please contact Phil Smith or call 831-426-1630.

Privacy Policy

TagTeam doesn't in and of itself connect to the Internet. As such, if it did collect any information, it couldn't share it over the Internet. Moot point, it doesn't collect any information. If it did, it wouldn't anyway. So the privacy policy is "Couldn't, Doesn't, Wouldn't."