Songs written by myself and mostly performed by myself.

    One Night In Barcelona

    Latin: Sultry, flamenco-inspired, slow, sexy dancer. Key of Dm. 108 beats per minute.


    Rainy Afternoon

    Easy Listening: Laid-back, feel-good, lazy afternoon nothing to do. This song invokes the feeling of staying indoors on a rainy afternoon, watching the rain and doing the crossword puzzle. Then the sun breaks through and you feel the warmth on your face and the soft breeze before the clouds return. Key of Eb. 110 beats per minute.


    Toucan Dance

    Latin: Two can dance to this lively, calypso-inspired song. Key of C. 175 beats per minute.


    Sarah's Song

    Easy Listening: This is a lullaby written for my daughter when she was a baby. Lullaby, gentle relaxing. Key of C. 70 beats per minute.